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International Workshop on the “Key material properties for Myrrha and Astrid”

Rome, March 7-9th 2012


The technical program will consist of invited plenary and specific technical sessions: the workshop is structured in a plenary session where the main features  of the two selected reactor systems will be presented (MYRRHA and SFR). Then two technical panels will be held, one dedicated to the identification of the key material requirements for MYRRHA and the second to the identification of the key material requirements for SFR.  In the panels, a specific presentation on the considered topic will be held from the point of view of the “design” and the key issues pointed out will be discussed by the panel lists. Questions by the public will be answered by the panelists and by the speakers.

The second day three technical session are foreseen where specific technical contributions will be presented, selected among the contributions received.

Each session has a moderator that has to moderate the session and then summarize the presentations of the session and outline some conclusions during the technical panel that will be held the last day.




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